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Why an ASP makes sense to a company's bottom line

An ASP acts as an intermediary by facilitating a remote, centrally managed application service between the organization or client and the independent software vendor. Ultimately, the end client does not own the application or the responsibilities associated with the initial and ongoing maintenance, including the time involved focusing key staff members on a non-critical point of business.

The client remains in control through an Internet browser accesses remote, centralized computer servers hosting the application. The client manages the results from the application locally, having complete control over the information and continued access into the service, without the added expense of training staff members or investing time involved in the particular processes.

The ASP Industry Consortium, a coalition of companies formed in May to promote and educate the industry, offers the following definition:

"An ASP manages and delivers application capabilities to multiple entities from a data center across a wide area network, with specialized staff to monitor and analyze a broad range of industry specific information."

The convergence of software and IT infrastructure toward an Internet/net-centric environment has enabled the ASP concept to emerge and thrive. Net-centric software allows Web-enabled commerce, communication, and the management of information content. The ASP concept also rejuvenates the important customer service model that failed to materialize due to the over-availability of relatively inexpensive hardware, inefficient communication linkages, and unattractive overall economics.

The ASP model CopierExpert provides incorporates its patent pending processes, industry experts, and web-based tools into any organization's pre-established "best practices" and current methods, while providing continuous, uninterrupted support to all key individuals throughout the procurement and management processes. As a leading innovator in the ASP market, CopierExpert bridges the gap in the traditional vendor-client relationship, acting as a complete end-to-end solution which any purchasing agent or task force can utilize.

CopierExpert is an ASP that will redefine the way businesses interact with office equipment vendors. A niche in the market enables the industry experienced, technologically advanced team to analyze and assert savings into the client's bottom line on production costs, a savings of 30%- 50% annually.

Copier Expert's web-based services will enable businesses of all sizes to minimize a time investment, while achieving maximum financial results. Vendor records, operational costs, service and supply utilization, lease information, and the ability to negotiate contracts effectively are now available at one location.


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