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Schools Districts are Saving Money

With recent budget cuts and shortfalls, schools are carefully scrutinizing each and every opportunity to cut current expenditures without sacrificing services critical to the educational process. Although copiers and printers are a growing expense for most schools, this expense category is extremely difficult to manage.

Several school districts have utilized CopierExpert's expertise in managing document production office equipment and have realized cost savings of 20 to 50 percent! To achieve this level of savings on document production equipment, CopierExpert has assisted schools in developing both short and long term strategic planning to reduce per page output costs by each device through out the entire district.

CopierExpert's web-based services enable administrators to effectively manage vendor records, operational costs, service and supply utilization, and equipment contracts throughout the entire school district. A comprehensive acquisition system allows administrators the framework to generate proposal requests and analyze supplier responses online. Given all of the tools available, administrators can manage budgets to account for fluctuations in student populations and construction of new schools.

CopierExpert guarantees District Administrators will minimize their time investment while achieving maximum financial results.


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