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IT as a Strategic Advantage

Since the bubble burst in the world of information technology, many companies have drastically reduced spending on IT. As the economy recovers and the IT world returns to some semblance of normalcy, we are in danger of the old mindset returning-where IT is just a means to an end rather than a key strategic asset.

Certainly IT departments should consider themselves service bureaus-helping other departments inside the organization with their technology needs. The danger lies in them becoming purely reactive. If new technology is only introduced at the request of non-technical departments or if issues are being address only when problems arise, the organization as a whole is falling behind and is destined to be a laggard in the industry.

Regardless of the state of the economy, businesses will always be in competition with each other. And, used strategically, information technology can give your company a competitive advantage. Just a 2% gain in market penetration or operational efficiency compounds over time and, in a few years, you will be leaving the competition in the dust. Strategically, companies should constantly be searching for ways to achieve small gains. Moreover, outsourcing provides a variety of ways to accomplish just that.

The spirit of the new economy is to conduct business in innovative ways-especially ways making use of improved information flow via the Internet. Whether you're striving to make a distributed workforce more of a community, automating business processes and workflows, or working to communicate more effectively to your target market, Internet technologies can provide dramatic, business-changing solutions.

For business owners, we can improve your revenues by lowering your production costs and improve on best business practices already in use. Reduction of your production costs by up to 40%, will increase your bottom line and set your company in the forefront of technology. Utilizing our services, your company can realistically reach the goal of 2% gain in operational efficiency compounds, increase your revenue, and experience a noticeable reduction in costs.


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