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Spending VS. Cost Control

Harnessing spending is about more than cost control- it's about unleashing flexibility, speed and rapid responsiveness in an organization, while continuously freeing up capital that can be returned to your business to power new initiatives, invigorate existing lines of business, and increase profitability.

Experts agree that a centralized support for all office equipment spending processes and associated data, increase support for business processes, automating and controlling it while adding to the value to the existing best business practices your company already has, in the form of out sourcing.

Imagine the ability to automate both internal processes such as smoothing out the paperbound process of procurement approvals and invoice matching-while creating high-value partnerships outside the borders of your corporation.

Lets begin with Three Phases:
Sourcing, Procurement and Analysis-

Sourcing: Sourcing is the process of establishing relationships and agreeing on ground rules that will ultimately become the basis for a contract. In sourcing, we identify suppliers, negotiate, and collaborate.

Procurement: Once we have established a mutual agreement, we begin to exercise it by buying against it. In this arena, we concentrate on maximum efficiency in guiding the steps to quickly promote to the approval process and managing the process.

Analysis: Combined with an analysis infrastructure, the data can become an engine of continuous improvement, giving executives information about spending with pinpoint accuracy and identifying areas where costs can be compressed or changed as strategic initiatives change.

Even the best in house options produce only static snapshots of data, and are typically not produced often enough to show a complete view of production costs. That is why CopierExpert has its patent pending processes to supply clients with full and complete reports on their production costs.
In many companies, executive attention, innovation, and creativity are focused not on long-term spending trends but on revenue generation. Leaving the departments that are classified as cost centers, for instance, information technology departments, procurement departments often fall victim to a type of benign executive neglect.

While we see an opportunity for executives to engage themselves in a an innovative new way of managing enterprise spending through a merger of information technology and leveraging of procurement resorting that can yield significant improvements to the bottom line. What if there was a way to ensure that every penny of money earned by the hard work of your company was spent on actual necessary operating costs? With our Zero Cost Guarantee, you can now see exactly how much money your company could save by utilizing CopierExpert's unique software and services. Click here for more information.

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