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CopierExpert Services

Copier RFP/RFQ Procurement System

Replacing existing equipment, normally a complex task involving multiple departments and personnel, becomes an easily managed and automated process using CopierExpert's Acquisition System.

CopierExpert assists all sizes of organizations, from small businesses in single machine acquisitions to large organizations replacing entire fleets of equipment. Our patent pending process includes the Acquisition System, and addresses all organizational goals, uniting all departments including purchasing, IT, facilities management and individual users to meet the overall satisfaction goals.

Some of these goals are:

  • Determining current equipment capacity
  • Addressing internal concerns such as networked environment, setting up internal print shops, offsite implementation strategy, and financing options
  • Writing detailed Requests for Quotation (RFQs) which include contract terms based on current best practices and pre-established standards
  • Determining vendor qualifications to bid as well as verification of bidding vendors
  • Electronic distribution of RFQs through CopierExpert's Vendor Bidding section of our Acquisition System
  • Establishing RFQ analysis strategy
  • Complete analysis of RFQ responses by qualified vendors based on established strategy
  • Contract negotiation and the compilation of the best contract terms for your organization
  • Ongoing implementation of agreed best business practices

With CopierExpert, businesses and organizations achieve a significant savings of time, energy, and internal human resources, as well as the satisfaction of recieveing the best value for every dollar allocated to acquiring document production equipment.

No matter where you are in your acquisition process, CopierExpert can help. Our services are guaranteed so you have nothing to lose! Contact our industry experts today!

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Acquisition System
Management System
 Services Presentation

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