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Cost Consultants / Independent Agents
Location: Nationwide
Assist Companies in Maximizing Supplier Cost Performance of Document Production Equipment.

Once in a while something totally new comes along and the timing just so happens to be perfect. For those of us that have served the copier industry for years we all know that it's a look-a-like, sound-a-like industry that not only wears the customer out but burns salespeople out as well. The market fall of the largest equipment vendors - IKON, Danka, and Xerox, has proven the current sales and service delivery system is broken. Due to a failed system, the professional talent of those who have served the industry has been scattered far and wide. Most of those who remain are looking for alternatives. Fortunately, for those select few, our company has created a superb product that gives those outstanding salespeople an exciting new opportunity take a giant step up in this business-critical industry.

As an independent consulting firm with the benefit of ten years of experience assisting corporations in sorting through the massive amount of information related to the identification, purchase, implementation and information management of reprographic systems, CopierExpert has had a better approach to business in this industry for a long time. In 1999, the company began a concentrated effort to automate several of the processes involved the company's service offerings. After several thousand hours of software programming and a recent patent filing we now offer our services through an interactive web-based system. Due to the power of the Internet, and the automation of our services, we can now take our business anywhere in the world and support it with a centralized staff. Initially launched in December 2000, the response to CopierExpert's web-based service has been absolutely phenomenal! We've always had the "steak", now we have the "sizzle".

Currently CopierExpert is looking for corporate sales consultant candidates to act as independent sales consultants to introduce our services to large corporate accounts in major markets. We currently offer the following services: need assessments, RFQ writing, vendor bidding, bid analysis, contract preparation, vendor contract compliance and long-term equipment management.

CopierExpert is offering an extremely aggressive commission-based compensation package with a continuous residual income stream. Ideal candidates should have in-depth experience and established relationships in consultative selling of reproduction equipment to executives of major corporations and government entities. Top candidates should be a recognized top achiever in their current market and earning commissions in an excess of $100,000 plus. Candidates must have excellent verbal and written communication skills and the discipline to work independently. In addition candidates must be user proficient with the following software applications: MS Word, MS Outlook, MS PowerPoint, MS Excel, the Internet, and contact management software.

CopierExpert offers a truly unique service that will benefit every business and government entity. If you are a true professional and capable of the task, your success with our service is guaranteed.

For more information please contact:

Jeff Blood
VP Business Development
208-389-1100, ext. 104

or forward your resume to careers@copierexpert.com

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