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CopierExpert Services

Copier/Printer Evaluation System

Expert Savings. Zero Cost. Guaranteed.

A thorough cost reduction initiative of your current copier, printer and fax output devices, will produce long-term impact on both service and profitability for any size business. Although equipment vendors are willing to provide organizations a free analysis of current operational costs, vendor data is subjective and invariably centered on new equipment placements.

CopierExpert performs an evaluation of current and future needs and goals, resources allocated and amount invested in current equipment. We than comprehensively assess our clients needs, audit lease, service, and supply agreements and negotiate the best rates and service available.

CopierExpert's Evaluation System provides a systematic framework for:

  • Collecting and analyzing existing equipment information
  • Determining current equipment utilization
  • Calculating real equipment costs
  • Identifying maintenance issues
  • Projecting future equipment needs
  • Compiling equipment fleet strategies
  • Centralizing equipment information

Once the process is completed, organizations have a complete and continual, up-to-date account of all the data related to their equipment inventory, plus an extensive reporting system for cost accounting and forecasting future equipment needs.

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Evaluation System
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