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CopyFleetOptimizerTM for K-12

Copier vendors make money when you spend money. Our compensation is based on saving you money.

Are you a K-12 district administrator responsible for budget allocation? Are you dissatisfied with the cost and performance of your copier fleet? Do you feel there has to be a better way, but lack the time, resources or expertise to fully address these issues?

CopyFleetOptimizer for K-12 from CopierExpert is the answer you’ve been looking for.

CopyFleetOptimizer for K-12 (CFO/K-12) is an outsourced, copier fleet watchdog service that delivers three critical benefits to K-12 districts:

  • Guaranteed 30% ROI. Your district will save at least $1.30 in hard costs for every $1.00 spent. If CFO/K-12 does NOT deliver at least 30% ROI, fees are reduced until you achieve the guaranteed $1.30 savings. (You should know some school districts have realized as much as $2.30 in savings per $1.00 spent on CFO/K-12).
  • Higher performance/uptime. CFO/K-12 doesn’t achieve savings by bringing in inferior equipment or by forcing users to do more with less. Instead, CFO/K-12 employs a “right-sizing” approach that eliminates the most common cause of downtime: under-powered copiers being placed in situations where they get overworked and break down. In addition, service levels that meet your district’s specific uptime requirements are written into your service agreement with iron-clad provisions for enforcement.
  • Bulletproof vendor accountability. Most copier service contracts are written by copier vendors. Frankly, this is the fox guarding the henhouse. CFO/K-12 creates a service agreement that is written to address your district’s specific requirements. For example, guaranteed service levels are specifically spelled out. Further, required vendor actions/remedies when those service levels are not met are also spelled out. No excuses. Your district is never locked into a no-win situation, waiting months for a non-responsive vendor’s one-sided contract to expire.

CopierExpert is not a copier vendor. That’s why CopyFleetOptimizer for K-12 is completely different from the offerings of copier vendors in so many ways:

  1. Fixed-costs. CFO/K-12 is not an open-ended consulting engagement, but a fixed-fee package that quantifies your costs and ROI up front.
  2. Vendor-neutral. CFO/K-12 is an objective third-party approach, not a self-interested “sales tool” whose purpose is to sell you a particular vendor’s equipment or service.
  3. Customer-advocate. CopierExpert only succeeds when you succeed. The primary objective of CFO/K-12 is a copier fleet that delivers the optimum balance of cost and performance for your district.
  4. Best practices. CFO/K-12 institutes proven processes through Web-based tools and software automation that deliver best-possible-pricing/terms while eliminating waste and inefficiency.
  5. Total lifecycle optimization. In the three phases of a copier fleet lifecycle—assessment, acquisition and management—there are many opportunities for hidden costs or less-than favorable performance standards to be inadvertently (or purposefully) introduced. CFO/K-12 acts as your expert watchdog in all of these phases to deliver reduced costs, improved performance and higher uptime. Best of all, you accomplish all this while slashing the time and costs associated with managing your copier fleet.
  6. Return control to district administrators. CFO/K-12 gives power back to your school district by arming you with knowledge that eliminates the apples-to-oranges discrepancies that make objective comparison/evaluation of copier vendor proposals impossible. It gives you an objective, open RFQ process that favors your district, not self-interested vendors. And it enforces proactive maintenance and service levels that put you back in command of your fleet’s uptime.

It’s no secret that in this era of shrinking budgets, your copier fleet offers an immediate opportunity to cut expenses without adversely affecting the quality of education. The challenge: find the solution that delivers the maximum benefit for the minimum cost. We believe that CopyFleetOptimizer for K-12 is that solution.

Find out more. Call CopierExpert today at 877-388-8616 and ask to speak to one of our K-12 specialists.


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Q: How does CFO/K-12 work?

Q: Won’t CFO/K-12 make me look like I haven’t been doing my job?

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"CopyFleetOptimizer for K-12 is helping our district save $6,232 a month over a five-year period. To suddenly have $373,920 more in our budget is a huge windfall for our district."
Southeastern Michigan School District

"The amount of downtime has been cut dramatically. Our teachers are extremely pleased that they no longer have to put up with disruptions to distributing their lesson plans. CopierExpert has helped remove a great source of frustration for everyone. Administrators have a much better understanding of their copier costs and tools to reduce cost overruns. CopierExpert is saving the district thousands of dollars every year."
Western Oregon School District

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