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CopyFleetOptimizerTM FAQs
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-> What is CopierExpert?
-> Can CopierExpert really do a better job of optimizing copier/printer fleets than copier vendors?
-> What is Copy Fleet Optimizer for K-12?
-> How does CFO/K-12 work?
-> What do you mean by “best practices?”
-> Won’t CFO/K-12 make me look like I haven’t been doing my job?
-> What makes you different from a copier vendor?
-> What does CFO/K-12 cost?
-> What brand of equipment does CFO/K-12 recommend?

What is CopierExpert?

CopierExpert is as a vendor-neutral provider that acts as an advocate for schools and businesses to help them optimize the cost and performance of their copier/printer fleets. We provide outsourced services to administrators and business executives responsible for their organizations’ copier/printer fleet investment. Customers come to us because they want to save money and improve the performance of their copier/printer fleet, but they lack the time, resources or expertise to fully address these issues. In addition, these customers are skeptical of copier/printer vendors, realizing it is not necessarily in these companies’ self-interest to reduce costs (lower profits) and improve service (higher expenses).

CopierExpert is NOT a seller of equipment, nor are we a middleman that makes a commission by reselling copier/printer vendors’ equipment or services. In fact, CopierExpert’s compensation is based NOT on how much you spend, but on us saving you money.
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Can CopierExpert really do a better job of optimizing copier/printer fleets than copier vendors?

Yes. In fact, CopierExpert guarantees a 30% ROI, higher uptime and bulletproof vendor accountability. In each of our solution-specific packages, we bring together expert industry knowledge, best practices, software automation and Web-based technologies. These services and tools tackle cost and performance issues present in each stage of the copier/printer fleet lifecycle—assessment, acquisition and management. The ultimate result is dramatic costs reductions, performance improvements and uptime increases. These solution-specific packages give administrators and business executives the knowledge and capability to take back control of their copier/printer fleets.

Solution-Specific Packages:

  Copy Fleet Optimizer for K-12
  Copy Fleet Optimizer for Higher Education
  Copy Fleet Optimizer for Enterprise

  Print Fleet Optimizer for K-12
  Print Fleet Optimizer for Higher Education
  Print Fleet Optimizer for Enterprise

  Integrated Fleet Optimizer for K-12
  Integrated Fleet Optimizer for Higher Education
  Integrated Fleet Optimizer for Enterprise

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What is Copy Fleet Optimizer for K-12?

Copy Fleet Optimizer for K-12 (CFO/K-12) is an outsourced, copier fleet watchdog service that delivers three critical benefits to K-12 districts:

  • Guaranteed 30% ROI.
    Your district will save at least $1.30 in hard costs for every $1.00 spent. If CFO/K-12 does NOT deliver at least 30% ROI, fees are reduced until you achieve the guaranteed $1.30 savings. (You should know some school districts have realized as much as $2.30 in savings per $1.00 spent on CFO/K-12).
  • Higher performance/uptime.
    CFO/K-12 doesn’t achieve savings by bringing in inferior equipment or by forcing users to do more with less. Instead, CFO/K-12 employs a “right-sizing” approach that eliminates the most common cause of downtime: under-powered copiers being placed in situations where they get overworked and break down. In addition, service levels that meet your district’s specific uptime requirements are written into your service agreement with iron-clad provisions for strict enforcement.
  • Bulletproof vendor accountability.
    Most copier service contracts are written by copier vendors. Frankly, this is the fox guarding the henhouse. CFO/K-12 creates a service agreement that is written to address your district’s specific requirements. For example, guaranteed service levels are specifically spelled out. Further, required vendor actions/remedies when those service levels are not met are also spelled out. No excuses. Your district is never locked into a no-win situation, waiting months for a non-responsive vendor’s one-sided contract to expire.
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How does CFO/K-12 work?

In the three phases of the copier fleet lifecycle — assessment, acquisition and management — there are many opportunities for hidden costs or less-than favorable performance standards to be inadvertently (or purposefully) introduced. CFO/K-12 acts as your expert watchdog in each of these phases to deliver reduced costs, improved performance and higher uptime. Best of all, all of this is accomplished while dramatically reducing the time and costs associated with acquiring and managing your copier fleet.

  • Assessment phase:
    Many copier vendors offer a “free” analysis as a sales tool for selling their specific products/services. Oftentimes, these amount to nothing more than an inventory of the machines currently in place. (Admittedly, even this is a positive step forward for some large, highly-decentralized school districts.) In most cases, the copier vendor then uses this inventory list as a template for replacing the existing machines with newer models.

CFO/K-12 is different. It employs a capabilities-based assessment of needs that establishes true benchmarks for your optimum solution. The result is a much more precise description of the specific copier requirements needed in each and every department, building and/or user group. Instead of propagating past mistakes, a CFO/K-12 assessment provides a fresh start grounded in what’s happening now and how current trends will project into the future:

  • Identify copiers that need to replaced and, just as importantly, copiers that should be retained
  • Right-size copiers and their duty cycles to match actual usage
  • Define configuration requirements (sorting, automatic binding, faxing, etc.) that address end user needs
  • Set cost targets, equipment performance targets, performance targets, uptime targets and service targets
  • Determine vendor performance standards
  • Acquisition phase:
    Think how much more knowledgeable and prepared you were for negotiating your second copier contract. Now take that learning curve and extend it over thousands of negotiations and you have an idea of the expertise CFO/K-12 brings to your side of the negotiating table during the acquisition phase. And that’s just the beginning of CFO/K-12’s value.

CFO/K-12 provides an online RFQ/RFP process that completely addresses the specific needs, objectives, goals and strategies of your school district, regardless of the number of copiers, locations or vendors involved in the process. Moreover, CFO/K-12’s best procurement practices reduce the workload on administrators, eliminate wasted effort and speed up the overall acquisition timeframe. Finally, CFO/K-12 makes all aspects of the acquisition phase open and transparent, allowing for fair evaluation of vendors/bids across multiple variables:

  • Equipment, service and pricing
  • Financial options: lease, rent, purchase, per-page, etc.
  • Fleet management
  • Contract flexibility
  • Equipment configurations
  • Equipment and vendor performance standards
  • Remedies for non-compliance with service agreement terms

CFO/K-12 provides you with the Web-based analytic tools you need to rapidly and precisely compare the various bids to identify the exact balance of pricing, terms and service levels that meet your budget and performance needs.

  • Management phase:
    Customers constantly tell us this phase is their biggest source of headaches and cost overruns. Keeping up with breakdowns, enforcing contract terms, requesting service calls, resolving billing discrepancies, etc. can be an overwhelming task. CFO/K-12’s outsourced management service removes these day-to-day burdens from administrators. It allows proactive improvement in the cost and performance of copier fleets and minimizes the constant jumping from emergency to emergency:
    • Continually optimize costs of service contracts
    • Effortlessly resolve supplier invoicing errors
    • Quickly rectify sub-par device and supplier performance
    • Easily see true costs of document production
    • Rapidly resolve device utilization issues

It’s no secret that in an era of shrinking budgets, copier fleet offers an immediate opportunity to cut expenses without adversely affecting the quality of education. The challenge: find the solution that delivers the maximum benefit for the minimum cost. We believe that CopyFleet Optimizer for K-12 is that solution.

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What do you mean by “best practices?”

We mean practices that have been proven over time to best minimize cost/waste and best maximize effectiveness/efficiency. In the assessment phase, for example, best practices are reflected in the 7-variable survey that more accurately identifies the true requirements for your copier fleet. In the acquisition phase, best practices are exemplified by the Web-based RFQ tool that ensures best-possible-pricing/terms while eliminating waste and inefficiency. And in the management phase, automated alerts that notify a vendor to provide scheduled maintenance is a best practice because it proactively prevents breakdowns. These are just three of the over 75 best practices built into the CFO/K-12 package.

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Won’t CFO/K-12 make me look like I haven’t been doing my job?

Absolutely not. CFO-K-12’s singular combination of outsourced services, expert industry knowledge, best practices, software automation and Web-based technologies has not been available up to this point. The systems and capabilities simply did not exist. However, now that this package is here and being used by K-12 districts all over the U.S., the only way you can look like you’re not doing your job is if you do NOT find out what CFO/K-12 can do for your district.

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What makes you different from a copier vendor?

We are NOT a seller of copier equipment or service contracts, nor are we a middleman that makes a commission on the sale of these. In fact, CopierExpert’s compensation is based NOT on how much you spend, but on us saving you money.

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What does CFO/K-12 cost?

CFO/K-12 is a fee-based, fixed-cost program—not an open-ended consulting engagement—that guarantees $1.30 in hard savings for every $1 spent on fees. After assessing the size of your fleet and the scope of the project, we provide you with a proposal that includes an estimate of fees, as well as an estimated ROI, before we begin work.

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What brand of equipment does CFO/K-12 recommend?

CFO/K-12 is an objective, vendor-neutral approach. It does not recommend specific brands of equipment.

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Find out more. Call CopierExpert today at 877-388-8616 and ask to speak to one of our K-12 specialists.

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