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CopierExpert Reviews

"We use CopierExpert to monitor copier maintenance agreements and write specifications for copier purchases. CopierExpert is very knowledgeable in the copier industry. They have saved our office a lot of time in the purchasing process and has been able to help us obtain better service from our copier vendors."
Tara Orr
Office of the Attorney General, State of Idaho
"CopierExpert provided me with the tools to make an intelligent copier purchase. I don't know how I would have done it without them. There are some pretty persuasive salespeople out there. Their seminars are helpful, but having CopierExpert assist me saved me a lot of time. Our accounting department even said they felt that CopierExpert's services were a worthwhile and cost-effective expenditure."
Shan Miller
Tomlinson & Associates
"CopierExpert helps our budget by finding new ways to manage and direct the flow of copier traffic and usage throughout the district. They work with school principals to determine the cost of our copiers per pupil per day. They develop specifications, reviews maintenance contracts, oversees negotiations with vendors, follows up with vendors, and save me countless hours by taking all of that off my plate. CopierExpert is very informative and detail-oriented and presents things in an objective way. I have recommended them to other school districts and other businesses."
Jon P. Allen
Nampa School District
"The Copier Experts are very personable, professional, and knowledgeable about their products. We've used them in several copier acquisitions and in each case they've saved us up to 25% more than the best deal we could have made on our own. Before CopierExpert came along, I spent hours and hours with different copier vendors. Now CopierExpert comes and interviews our people, recommends features we should consider, submits RFPs, and handles the whole process very well. I recommend CopierExpert to anyone who wants to save time and money."
E. Renn Yorgason
Moffatt Thomas
"We have worked with CopierExpert for six or seven years now. CopierExpert [is] very thorough and prompt. They keep all the copier salespeople at bay and find us machines that meet our needs. They've gone to bat for us with local companies that have service contracts and has gotten them to live up to the terms of their maintenance agreements. Their monitoring system keeps us abreast of service calls and other ongoing aspects of maintenance contracts, and that help us determine whether the machines are performing up to par. They really hold the manufacturers and distributors to the fine print in their service contracts, especially for preventive maintenance specifications. Most people simply don't have this knowledge."
Ron Lauer
Ripley Doorn & Company
"CopierExpert impressed me initially with their straightforwardness and their knowledge of the products and services we needed. I felt that they were able to help us make a good business decision on a substantial capital investment. When you don't know what questions to ask, it's great to have someone like [the] Copier Expert's in your corner. Knowing that we got what we needed and wanted at a competitive price was invaluable peace of mind for me. I would absolutely recommend them to other businesses."
Thad Thomas
Thomas Management Corp.
"CopierExpert has saved me a great deal of time getting RFPs out and in tracking ongoing maintenance on copiers. Their expertise in the fields of available equipment and of local maintenance contractors have proven invaluable. Their service provides value and I highly recommend them."
James Beck
Hubble Engineering
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