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Copier Evaluation, Procurement, and Management Services

CopierExpert is the complete solution for total life-cycle management of copier, printer, fax, color, and MFP fleets. We provide every organization:

Industry Experts
CopierExpert's Industry Experts have years of experience in every facet of the document production environment. We are well versed in current document production trends, including digital solutions, output management (OM), centralized and decentralized purchasing strategy, corporate finance, and vendor relationships.
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Patent-Pending Processes
CopierExpert's processes provide the framework to quickly and effectively provide total life-cycle management solutions to every size of organization. These processes have been developed to provide the maximum flexibility for seamless integration into any organization's existing best practices and pre-establshed standards, and provide management the ultimate control in utilizing CopierExpert's services to reduce vital soft-cost expenditures and allow employees to focus on core business issues.
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Powerful On-line Tools
CopierExpert's suite of on-line tools include:

These systems have been designed from the ground up to provide our processes the automation, functionality and capacity to manage all sized equipment fleets quickly efficiently with the specific goal of lowering costs and increasing performance. The tools are entirely web-based, requiring only a browser for complete access.
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Guaranteed Results
CopierExpert has developed the best solution to assist your organization in defining, controlling and reducing internal document production costs. Whether your organization has one or several hundred document production devices, we make the following promise: If our patent pending process does not reduce your organization's internal document production costs, we won't charge you a single cent for our services. Guaranteed.
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